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A Modern Approach to Fillings for Enhanced Dental Care!

18 July 2023


A Modern Approach to Fillings for Enhanced Dental Care!


If you belong to the older generation, you may recall lengthy dental visits involving extensive drilling for cavity treatment. The result? Silver amalgam fillings, a mixture of metals including silver, tin, zinc, copper, and mercury, which have been used for over a century. However, growing concerns about the potential toxicity of mercury have prompted the development of a groundbreaking alternative. Enter SonicFILL, a technique utilizing composite resin materials to revolutionize the world of dental restorations.

The SonicFILL Advantage:

When your tooth is damaged by decay, your dentist fills it to restore its structure and protect it from further harm. SonicFILL presents a novel approach by using a non-metal composite resin material to seal cavities with minimal drilling. Unlike amalgam fillings, which give a silver appearance, composite resin fillings blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, both in look and feel. With proper care, these tooth-colored fillings can endure the rigors of daily wear and tear.

Exploring the SonicFILL Technique:

There are two methods dentists employ when utilizing SonicFILL: the direct fill and the indirect fill. In the direct method, your dentist prepares your tooth and places the resin composite filling directly into the cavity. The use of a special blue light beam helps expedite the hardening and curing process of the cement.

Alternatively, the indirect method involves tooth preparation, followed by the creation of a mold using a soft impression material. The mold is then sent to a laboratory where a custom filling is made to precisely fit your tooth. The final step is your subsequent visit, where the dentist affixes the filling using adhesive cement. The special light beam may once again be employed to ensure optimal hardening and curing of the cement.

Benefits of SonicFILL:

One of the significant advantages of composite resin fillings is the reduced need for extensive tooth preparation compared to amalgam fillings. Unlike amalgam, composite resin fillings do not require the creation of a specific ledge in the tooth to secure the filling in place.

Replacing Amalgam Fillings:

Due to concerns regarding mercury content, some individuals consider replacing their old amalgam fillings with composite resin alternatives. However, the FDA states that unless the amalgam filling is damaged, causing an allergic reaction, or underlying tooth decay is present, replacement is not necessary. Other filling materials such as cast gold, ceramic, and glass ionomer also do not require replacement unless there is damage, an allergic reaction, or the formation of a new cavity underneath.

Embrace the Future of Dental Restorations:

With SonicFILL, you can bid farewell to the traditional amalgam fillings and welcome a mercury-free, aesthetically pleasing solution. Experience the benefits of composite resin fillings and embark on a journey towards enhanced oral health and a brighter smile.

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